What does an extremity adjustment mean?
An extremity is the uttermost part of the body, such as shoulders, wrists, hands, ankles and feet. Since most people believe that chiropractic is limited to the neck and spine a lot of people say that extremity chiropractic adjustments are adjustments that are not part of the spinal column. This includes the ribs, shoulder and elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot, hands and toes.

Why would I want to have an extremity adjusted?
The body works as a whole, not individual parts working separately. When you correct one part of the body you are helping the whole body and all of its parts.

How does chiropractic help the whole body?
Everything in the body is controlled by the brain. Receptors on the body send signals to the brain and the brain tells the receptors how to respond. You can tell when something touches you because of receptors.

So if I feel pain in my ankle you can just adjust my ankle?
We can adjust just that area, but we wouldn’t stop there. Like we mentioned before the body is a whole system that works together. A patient that says they have hip pain might have a shoulder issue that is causing pain in the hip. Instead of only focusing on the area that is causing the pain, we look for other areas in the body that might be giving misinformation to the brain.

Signs or possible symptoms of an extremity issue that may be helped by a chiropractor:

  • Extremity pain or pain in the extremity joint
  • Weakness in an extremity or joint
  • Stiffness in the extremity
  • Immobility of an extremity joint
  • Numbness or tingling in an extremity
  • Catching or locking of an extremity joint


The goal of adjusting extremities is to restore the body/brain connection which allows it to have normal and proper function.

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